Mindful Art

Meditate, Dream, Reflect

Embrace the healing journey of meditative art, where emotions are expressed and processed via painting, drawing, and coloring mandalas. Our sessions, rooted in meditation, offer a pathway to release work stress through creative expression. "Feel to heal" is our guiding philosophy, providing a space to explore your emotions through art, even when words are not enough. Join us to discover a lighter, more vibrant self, as you transform your feelings into a canvas of growth and reflection.


Mindful Art Session

We believe in the transformative power of meditative art to nurture personal growth. Through a unique blend of painting, emotional line drawings, and coloring mandalas, we offer a creative sanctuary for processing. Our sessions are more than just art-making; they are a journey into the self, guided by meditation techniques that help you reflect, process, and envision the future you desire.

Group Sessions

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Coloring, mandalas and more...

Coloring transcends simple artistic expression, serving as a meditative practice that quiets the mind and anchors the present moment. Through the rhythmic motion of coloring, individuals find themselves slipping into a state of mindfulness, where worries fade and focus sharpens. This process not only stimulates creativity but also promotes a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. As colors fill the spaces on a page, they also fill gaps in our emotional landscape, offering a unique form of stress relief and mental clarity. In essence, coloring becomes a bridge to inner tranquility, making it a powerful tool for meditation and self-discovery.

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Dream it, Believe it

Ready to turn on your creativity?

Our Mindful Manifesting Workshop invites you on a creative journey to envision and attract your desired future. Through targeted art exercises, including visualization and drawing, this workshop opens the door to your subconscious, allowing you to articulate and focus on your aspirations. The act of translating dreams into visual representations not only enhances creativity but also aligns your intentions. It's a powerful way to set intentions, clarify goals, and embrace the possibility of what can be, all within a supportive, mindful community. Join us to unlock the power of your imagination and set the stage for achieving your dreams.

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Ready to release
what no longer serves you?

The transformative act of coloring our emotions, creating a tangible release for what no longer serves us is powerful. This session is a journey of self-discovery and emotional liberation, where participants are encouraged to paint their feelings, turning abstract emotions into visual stories on canvas. As we let go of the old, we make space to paint our desires, envisioning and embedding what we wish to attract into our lives. It's a powerful method of transforming inner turmoil into visions of hope and aspiration. Join us to explore this cathartic process, where every stroke and color brings you closer to your true self and desired future.

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Benefits of a Mindful Art Session

Deeper clarity and self awareness

Increased creativity

Tranquil mind

Less stress

Shannon Maley

"My art session reduced my anxiety."

The process of drawing my feelings and expressing my emotions with soft and sharp lines was fun. I felt lighter as I left my session. Such a creative way to unwind from the stressors of my day.

"I highly recommend these sessions on a regular basis for physical and mental health wellbeing."

Carolyn McKinney

Meditated for the First Time

Each was a unique experience and afterwards I felt relaxed and uplifted. 

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