05/18 Full Circle SAT 5 PM

7/13 MGMM Sat 5PM

06/15 Friday 7:30 PM

06/07 Friday 7:30 PM

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05/17 Friday 7:30 PM

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Atlanta, GA

Gray, GA

Tifton, GA

Warner Robins, GA

Savannah, GA

Macon, GA

In this workshop, participants will engage with sound as a gateway to emotion, using resonant tones to tap into deep-seated feelings and experiences. Guided by the principles of process art-making, you will then translate these emotions onto paper, choosing colors and strokes that represent not just where you are, but where you aspire to be. 

Atlanta monthly sound bath sessions are currently on hold due to renovations at Full Circle Studio. However, private sessions are still available by appointment at Visionary Healing.
Contact me to learn more!

Monthly sound baths are held downtown Gray at the Middle Georgia Medical Massage School & Wellness Center Saturdays at 5 PM.

Join us at the Renewed Beauty SPA for all your relaxation needs. I'm available by appointment and for special events. Available 7PM on Tuesdays (Private Sessions) and Fridays (Group Sessions) 

We are excited to be heading to Savannah soon.
Details are in the works!

The Tifton Yoga Center hosts sound baths each quarter. Come relax and rest. Please book directly through their website.

07/11 Oakland Cemetry

Private Sessions At Visionary Healing

Exciting news! I'm expanding my services to include virtual sound bath sessions. Stay tuned for launch details coming soon!

5/12 Artspace 10 AM

5/16 Artspace 6:30 PM