Run Down...

Better sleep is a benefit to having a sound bath. Music has been found to help ease sleep disorders and help  with longer REM sleep.


It happens. We get busy. People who experience a sound bath often feel peace of mind and mental clarity.

Burned Out....

Sometimes you need to take a moment to reset and find your calm. Taking time for Reiki or a Sound Bath is a great way to do that.

Sound meditation helped to relax and quite my mind. Sarah is an excellent facilitator and truly made me feel held. I can't recommend her enough. Music has such a profound way of moving stuck emotions into a place of healing.

"Sound healing help me push through to my next level of growth."

Lisa Crosby

This could be you....

I did my second ever sound bath with Sarah, and felt such a deep relaxation and peacefulness that I couldn’t seem to reach through my own mediations at home. Not only does Sarah have so much knowledge about the science behind sounds and frequencies, but she also has a gift for feeling the energy in the room, & tuning in and creating the sounds and vibrations that each person needs.  What a treat, and a beautiful way to provide my mind and body and nervous system with the support and healing that it needed. Thank you, Sarah, for such a beautiful experience! I’ll definitely be back for more

"I honestly wish that I could experience Sarah’s sound baths every single day! "

Marissa Meddin

After experiencing a sound bath with her I was left feeling soothed, cleansed, and refreshed. I appreciate her willingness to explore and continue to invest in herself and her tools (sound and otherwise).

"Sarah has a wonderful capacity to harness the power of sound."

Sara Reheis



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- Jimmy Hendrix

Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.